The Uncertain Kingdom


 Twenty films from visionary filmmakers, giving a bright flash of insight into how they see the UK now.


In 2019, Britain will be on the brink of a momentous new decade. The 2020s will see the making or breaking of nations, unions and the Earth itself. But given the long lead times on features, the filmmaking community could miss out on a chance to engage and comment.

To circumvent this, The Uncertain Kingdom is a new project that uses short films - where turnaround is faster, budgets are lower and creative freedom can be far greater - to ensure filmmakers have a chance to contribute to the conversation.

The Uncertain Kingdom has given 20 filmmaking teams up to £10k each to make a short film that’s entertaining, original and relevant to the UK in 2019.

Whether political or personal, macro or micro, all of the films must give a bright flash of insight into how the filmmakers see the UK now.